4 Deadly Sins

Director : Bobby & Renee Peoples

Genre :

Language : English

English Subtitle :

Country : United States

Synopsis : Four Deadly Sins

Drama Suspense

What happens when four deadly sins are exposed? Murder becomes the charge.

Local business woman, SHAE CLARK has no idea, after re-uniting with her high-school crush BOBBY FITZGERALD, she will be caught up in a web of lies and deception. Heartbroken, shattered, and feeling stupid, Shae vows to seek revenge.

Two detectives summon four women, Shae Clark, ERICKA BAGGETT, LISA CAMPBELL, and TAMMY BRISCOE, to the police precinct to discuss their relationship with Bobby Fitzgerald and the act of violence against him. First up, Shae Clark.

While Shae listens to the detectives, she reflects on a memory of her, Bobby, and his kids, enjoying family quality time together. During their fun, Shae receives a call from AUNT LINDA. She asks Shae to come over. Aunt Linda needs to see and speak with her as soon as possible.

Unbeknown to Shae, Aunt Linda tells her she hired a private investigator friend to investigate Bobby and prove her suspicions are correct. It turns out, she’s right. Bobby is not the upstanding man that Shae believes he is. Fact is, Bobby is a no-good, lying, narcissistic cheater who simply cheats for the thrill, without any remorse and Aunt Linda has all the proof she needs.

The energy is extended as Shae and the other three women, Ericka, Lisa, and Tammy, are questioned by the detectives. It doesn’t take long for the officers to figure out, Bobby has a way with the women. They ultimately conclude, any one of the women could have blood on their hands.

As Bobby lays helpless on the floor, in a pool of his own blood, he reflects on his conspicuous womanizing, playboy lifestyle, and the women who love him. Bobby realizes that his lust, greed, and pride has led him to juggling Ericka on Monday, Lisa on Tuesday, Tammy on Wednesday, and Shae on Thursday. Sadly, there’s still one lingering question regarding his fourth deadly sin, wrath. In all, his consequences raise one question, “Who Shot Bobby Fitzgerald?”