9+1=1 (Trailer)

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Director : Rahul Yadav

Genre :

Language : Hindi

English Subtitle : Yes

Country : India

Synopsis : Better known as a silent killer, CARBON MONOXIDE is the deadliest combination of chemical elements in the form of gas and can kill in minutes without showing any physical symptoms. As per recorded data from various sources, most of the number of deaths happen when household fumes are generated either while cooking or in an attempt to warm houses in winters which leads to it acting like a silent killer "9 + 1 = 1 " is a story of a Master who keeps 9 paying guest in his house as his extra source of income. One day, he leaves outstation with his Preacher 'GURU' for some work not realising that when he comes back the next day, he will be witnessing all his whacked housemates dead by inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide gas, forming out of a makeshift coal tandoor they improvised to party hard in master's absence without even giving a thought of the repercussions they could face.