Lock (Trailer)

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Director : Olcay Seda Özaltan

Genre :

Language : Turkish

English Subtitle :

Country : Turkey

Synopsis : Dora unlocks her traumatic childhood memories after her moment with a toothbrush.

Dora meets Arda by the sea to spend the day in his sister’s apartment flat. Before leaving for the flat, they have some drinks in fornt of Arda’s car and talk about the night before. At the flat, as they get closer, Dora feels uncomfortable with the taste and smell in her mouth and wants to brush her teeth but she doesn't have a toothbrush with her. Finding a brand new kids' toothbrush, Arda comes into the bathroom and applies some toothpaste to brush Dora’s teeth for some romantic moments. Yet, this attempt unlocks a trauma of Dora’s in flashes, which she repressed successfully until that time. She faces the trauma with a small hysterical attack.