C. B., A message to the future you…

Director : Michael Austin

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Language : English

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Country : United States

Synopsis : I’m not sure where to start with this… Carl & Marie Peterson's young son "C. B." is facing surgery; probably major. They didn’t have insurance and were looking at some pretty steep medical bills. They never asked for help, but to help him and his family, the local motorsport, hot rod, and biker community came together at Jack Jordan's Barbecue in Odessa, TX to hold a spontaneous fundraiser. Carl & Marie have helped a lot of people, and are very giving individuals. The things facing there little boy were serious and potentially life threatening. I learned about this very late, and would have entered my car in the show had I enough time to get it ready. Instead, I collected up my video gear and headed off to at least catch some images of the event. While I was there it dawned on me that: 1) If C. B. makes it through this, it would be a cool for him to see how we all came together to help him once he is old enough to understand, and; 2) If he doesn’t… well.. it could become a memorial. I didn’t know it at the time, but the red Camaro was Carl’s much loved resto-mod which he sold to help raise money for C. B.’s surgery. I’m glad it figured rather prominently. So I came to document the event and create this video for Carl & Marie. C. B. is too young to remember this. But it is important for him to know how the community rallied to support him, and how much he is loved. This video ended up being a "message in a bottle" for C. B. to see when he is older and can understand and appreciate what happened on November 18th, 2017. C. B. had his surgery in early 2018. Fortunately, he is expected to make a complete recovery! The car show and fundraiser raised enough money to fully cover his medical expenses. A copy of this video was placed on a thumb drive AND CD, sealed in an envelope addressed to C.B., and placed in Carl & Marie’s safe with instructions to not open it and play it for C. B. until gets his driver’s license. It truly is a bit of a message in a bottle or time-capsule vidieo!

Music "Welcome Home" is licensed via Audioblocks with rebroadcast permissions for this work