Cracks in the patriarchy (Trailer)

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Director : Cagdas Celtikli, Kai Münch

Genre : LGBT, Interview

Language : Spanish

English Subtitle :

Country : Germany

Synopsis : A documentary told by seven protagonists, who share their personal and political point of view by expressing the reasons and the purposes for their advocacy as members of the Buenos Aires LGBTQI+ Community. Each one of them narrates personal processes and experiences which constitute their social and political identity as well as the motivation for their struggle for an equal and fairer future. We are shown a di- versity of perspectives, rooted in their beings and their fights, through their descriptions of very similar topics and facts from a historical and contemporary approach based on their unique points of view. In that sense, the protagonists do not only share a common desire, but also their motivation to be part of a Community that advocates for a world that everyone can feel as a safe space, and in which the patriarchy becomes a historical issue.