Interrupted Mind (Trailer)

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Director : Soumadeep Sen

Genre : Psychological Thiller

Language : English

English Subtitle : Yes

Country : India

Synopsis : AMIT, a software professional, decides to take a vacation in Coorg. At some point he goes trekking where he hears a tune being played on the flute. He finds a small boy, who he thinks is playing the flute, but when he comes near to the boy he realises that he doesn’t have arms. Amit tries to rationalise what he saw but then realises that there is a duality in the existence and non-existence of his brother in a single frame, in his mind which is manifested by the existence of the boy. In this way AMIT is trying hard to bring his brother back to life to easy his guilt of having killed his brother by mistake. At the end when his friend SUNIL tell him that no one plays the flute in Coorg, AMIT is again forced to accept the fact that he has to live with the guilt forever and there are no closures for him.