Michiko A3

Director : Ryo Kagawa

Genre :

Language : Japanese

English Subtitle :

Country : Japan

Synopsis : "MICHIKO" coarse muscle Ryo Sukagawa and Michiko's pure love story

Michiko struggled to graduate from Akita junior college and worked in Tokyo to master English. Michiko worked in English with international organizations such as the United Nations and UNICEF,

She was thinking of serving the world's children And when she was a student, she went to India for a study trip, Indian Preschoolers Support Organization (NGO) Meet with Khan, the representative. On the other hand, Ryo Sukagawa was born into a wealthy family and had a comfortable life. After working at a famous university, Sukagawa joined a certain prestigious general contractor with his parent's connection, and was in a modest position as Deputy General Manager, Planning Department, Overseas Business Department.

And he met Michiko and got married. A few years later, Michiko developed schizophrenia due to her serious personality, and she began to spend days admitted and discharged repeatedly. While Sukagawa nurses such Michiko, Difficulty in healing Michiko's illness deep inside Feeling, he felt helpless to be able to cure my wife. And Michiko commits suicide. Sukagawa continues Michiko's will and makes a new decision to depart for India to support the children.