Director : Henry Pzheihmer

Genre :

Language : Chinese

English Subtitle : Yes

Country : Hong Kong

Synopsis : Sean is a lost, depressed and unemployed youth who takes up drugs to mitigate the stress of hopelessness, poverty and his painful childhood past, when he lost his dad through cancer. His mother, Joan, on the other hand tries to bring him back on the right track. Sean, however, takes the swipe on her for everything including the rape on her by her boss, misconceived for a sexual affair whom he eye witnessed accidentally as a child. He blames her for cheating on his father while he suffered terminal disease and dying in hospital and never showed up during his death. Joan, on the other hand, struggles to help him redeem himself while coping up with the hate she receives and the lifelong guilt she possesses. Exacerbated by the harsh survival conditions of proletariat Hong Kong, Sean finds no hope and borrows exorbitant amount of loans from creditors to buy drugs and ends up being life threatened if he still does not pay up.