Director : George Dargus (argus1000)

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Language : English

English Subtitle :

Country : Canada

Synopsis : Marsha visits a clothing boutique for a gift to her nephew, which happens to be a robot doll. The guard brings her to the third floor, when the elevator indicator says that there is no third floor. They enter an empty store, where the robot doll is shown to her by a saleslady. She is mystified by the saleslady who asks her strange questions. As she goes down the elevator, Marsha notices that her doll is scratched. Ther guard directs her to the manager. When the manager leaves for a replacement, she falls asleep. As she wakes up afdter hours, the malfunctiuoning elevator brings her to the basement and she is alarmend by supposedly inanimate mannequins which start start to move and talk. The elevator brings her then back to the third floor, which is like a storage area of walking and talking mannequins. The saleslady explaqins to her that she is herself a mannequin and that the procedure is that the mannequins takes turns, one at a time, to live among the humans. Marsha simply has overstayed her stay. The next day, the manager does a double-take as he passes the mannequin of Marsha on display.