WhITHER - Of Leaves and Flowers (Trailer)

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Director : Charlotte Rürup

Genre :

Language : German

English Subtitle : No

Country : Germany

Synopsis :

‘WhITHER – Of Leaves and Flowers’

The short film ‘WhITHER – Of Leaves and Flowers’ is a short film which charmingly and unusually combines the themes of generation conflict, aging and personal scope for action in Berlin.

8.2. Synopsis of the short film

The focus is on 77-year-old Erna, originally from Berlin. Since the death of her husband many years ago, she has lived alone in the once common apartment in an old building in the center of Berlin. Her husband's old artists' room is left exactly as it was years before. Although locked, everything is carefully covered and still in place. Almost everything is as it used to be and Erna has plenty of room in her personal realm to dream of happy old times. Apart from a few very small mishaps in everyday life, she manages excellently.

Her only son Gunnar, however, sees the situation quite differently. Until now he and his family were always close by, but now he has to leave Berlin suddenly for professional reasons. Fortunately, however, a room in the old people's home could be organized. All he needs now is his mother's signature, then he knows she is well taken care of. Erna, however, cannot be driven away so easily. Courageous and inventive, she is looking for a way to escape the old people's home after all...