Wonderful Mother Mary (Trailer)

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Director : Alexander James

Genre : music video, short film, faith based film, singer songwriter, christian film, christian contemporary, gospel, faith, christmas music, christmas film, musical short

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English Subtitle : No

Country : United States

Synopsis : After the loving and supportive response Katie Garibaldi earned herself for her latest album, Home Sweet Christmas, she dedicated her creative energy to the making of her new music video for the track “Wonderful Mother Mary.”

John Apice of No Depression Magazine called the track/video: “This is one of the most be beautiful new Christmas songs I've ever heard…Ms. Garibaldi here is at level one and exceptional. There is a special place in the music industry for songs like this and Katie Garibaldi – this is Grammy Award-winning stuff.”

An award-winning singer/songwriter known for passionate vocals, and soothing guitar melodies, Garibaldi creates a dreamy ambiance throughout her new music video that complements the song and its blend of Christian-pop, gospel, and Americana roots styles.

“Wonderful Mother Mary” was inspired by the miraculous story of Mary and her bold faithfulness. Garibaldi explains on Christian music blog 'Louder Than The Music' how she “hopes [the song] inspires people to embrace the kind of gentle but courageous surrender to God's plan that Mary's journey symbolizes to [her]."

Garibaldi shares that she has, “always been really inspired by the Blessed Mother's story. Mary was chosen for this miracle and huge responsibility and no matter what anyone else thought, despite any of her fears, and regardless of being turned away at an inn when in need, she carried on and still believed in God's promises.” This deep connection to Mary’s story and Garibaldi’s ability to deeply reflect on her circumstances has resulted in this powerful track, packed in with emotion and love for Mary.

Viewers who have experienced the “Wonderful Mother Mary” music video so far continue to share positive responses attesting to Garibaldi’s “beautiful voice and beautiful heart."

The video, which stands out for using color and lighting to tell the story in Garibaldi's song, was filmed at Verge Studios in Seattle, WA. Alexander James is credited as the Director of Photography and the video is produced by George Varghese and Katie Garibaldi.